Our Interaction

Online meetings are the simplest way for us to interact. Each month I will be hosting a webinar discussing many topics designed specifically to provide the skills and lessons I learned as a single mom raising my son to be as successful as he could be. Ask Questions. Get Answers.

This is a very simple way for you to learn from me, my friends and people I have come to respect as successful in terms of achieving their life goals. This is real life. Expect some surprises.

Some months I hope to have very interesting guest hosts, celebrities, successful people who will share their true life experiences with you. It’s not always easy trying to raise your own Child Shark or embarking on the road to success yourself. But these people and I have done it and so can you.

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Do you want to spend an hour speaking with me about your dreams for yourself or your child. Discussing your unique situation. Gaining insights into how I would suggest you optimize your unique opportunities. That’s what I do. I listen very carefully and draw upon all of my experience with the specific objective of helping you reach great heights. Some people call me a “Wisdom Sharer”. Believe me, it took a lot of time in this world and lots of experience in good and bad times to “own” that wisdom. And I DO want to share it.

You and I will decide what works best. Perhaps it’s guidance once a week or deeper involvement. Every situation is different and the best possible way to get started is for us to start communicating via email. On most of my pages I have a link to get a communication going. It will take you 10 seconds to reach out. My best advice…. do it now.

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Intensive! It means what it says. In my section “WHAT PEOPLE SAY” you can read first hand what my intensive “Wisdom Sharing” is all about from people I am helping. These are people I have taken a special interest in and who I work with at a deeper level. I get into their goals, their objectives. How they intend to handle situations. How best to deal with special people. The best next steps in their unique journey. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a therapist. That’s for PHDs. I am a Shark Momma and I will teach you how to either be a Shark Momma yourself or help you turn your child into the success you hope for.

This is how it works. Just click on any of the links on this site. You will begin to get a series of emails explaining how I work, questionnaires allowing you to “think through” your situation. You will receive hints and advice, practical knowledge, common sense suggestions. We will begin an interaction. That interaction will, hopefully, become “one on one” where we speak and discuss your situation. And, as time moves forward we may both decide to get more deeply involved… Intensive!!! There is only one way to start.

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