In the short time I have known Shark Momma John I have not only gained a fabulous mentor, I have also gained a great friend. She has always demonstrated integral values, a zest for life and a desire to give back to her community.

An entrepreneur by nature, she has developed both a personal and professional reputation of trustworthiness, honesty, focus and drive to do more for others. She leads her family, friends and colleagues by example and they are consistently drawn to her wisdom, humility, grace and sophisticated elegance. What has “Momma John” done as a mentor for me? The list is endless, but I will attempt to capture some of the highlights.

“Inspirational” – “Dream Big!” The first words that were ingrained in my head….I love the “big kitchen spoon” story her son shares on one of his publications. She will tell you that nothing is impossible but nothing is easy either….There is no quick easy money ($$$) when raising or becoming a “Shark”. It takes time patience perseverance, prayer, consistency, focus and drive. She may suggest “surrounding yourself with the right people to encourage your dreams” or “don’t make excuses, create opportunities and never give up!”.

“The Real Deal” – Her businesses savvy is created from her own life experiences. She has created and owned her own businesses separate from her son (leading again by example). She freely shares her successes and downfalls as “life lessons” for success. Shark Momma John has both the lifestyle coaching and business consulting experience to include some of the following:

Marketing and Brainstorming” – Making suggestions how to reach your audience and what that marketing should look like.

“Networking” – Making suggestions on “getting yourself out there” in the business world, with meet n’ greets and becoming involved with local community organizations.

“Branding and Styling” – “The Look” for the website, photos and overall business professionalism (even on a budget). She offers assistance with developing a “strong business attitude”. She can assist with “Branding” for the business in general.

“A Great Listener” – On both professionally and personally offering her honest feedback on new ideas. She is not judgmental and consistently supportive. Thank you for ALL that you are and all that you do.I am Forever grateful.

Jennyfer Royster, realtor-Miami beach, FL