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~ The Shark Momma John

Mission - I have dedicated my life to guiding my son, friends and clients in achieving their goals. I've done this by sharing my experience, values and connections that I have come to know are essential for success. I intend to share my experience raising "The Shark Daymond John" with other parents and as his "Shark Momma" to help people who find themselves at a critical stage where "my involved guidance" is invaluable.  

~ Shark Momma John-The Ultimate Start up



Change Your Child's Future. Change Your Own!

Every successful person had a guide at one point in their life. A great parent, important teacher, influential friend. People who have dramatically influenced life’s course at a critical juncture, a new beginning like raising a child on their own or starting a new business, getting going in a new career or just getting good practical common sense – Momma John style.

We all need help and guidance. We all have the ability to help mold a “Child Shark” in the making or even ourselves. All we need is that one “great influence”.


For over 30 years I have lent a helping hand to people who needed such guidance. Guidance at critical moments: A single mom looking to give her child the best possible advice because the focus of her life was that child’s success, a young couple braking away from the 9-5 tedium setting out on their own in a new venture, A businessman looking for some good practical advice from someone who understood adversity and kept going despite all obstacles. That is my goal. To help people at major turning points in their life.

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Would you like us to communicate... receive some good your child on the path to success... become a "Momma Shark" like me or perhaps a "Mompreneur" yourself.

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The lessons I share will help you learn how to dream big, jump hurdles, attract positive people in your life. You’ll be able to survive life’s storms, never give up. You’ll learn how to make a practical choices when life’s path splits in several directions and your decisions are critical.

People always ask me how did I raise my son to be the Famous Shark on Shark Tank. And my answer is always simple…Let’s talk!

You have someone in your corner. I can be there, right by your side in these life battles. You have a team. All you need to do is reach out.

About - We live in a world of fierce competition and entrepreneurship. It's no surprise that one of TV's favorite shows is ABC's Shark Tank. The question is how will you and your child acquire the skills necessary to thrive in this day and age? How did Daymond John become "the Shark Daymond John"? This  brief view into Shark Momma John's  life, priorities and some of her principles will shed light on the questions she can answer for you.

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Shark Momma John grew up in Brooklyn, New York and settled in Queens. After her marriage of 13 years ended the demands on her were enormous. Raising her young son was her priority and it took three jobs and complete focus to accomplish her goal. Her story is inspiring because of the creativity with which she applied some very fundamental and critical principles. How she learned to think outside the box to give her son the best possible guidance.

I get my discipline, my focus, and my drive from my mother. ~ The Shark, Daymond John

Over the next 30 years these principles were the foundation of her son’s success. Always present, she developed close relationships with people at every level of business and culture. Friends and acquaintances quickly turned to her for advice and guidance.The strong guiding principles she developed earlier in life (as that determined parent) were supplemented and supported by greater experience and more life principles which she shares with those that need her help.

She calls this sharing of knowledge and experience “Wisdom Sharing”. Her mission is to help others at major turning points in their lives apply those guiding principles to their own situations. To enable others to grow fast… to overcome limitations… to expand horizons…to DREAM and THINK BIG! (Read her full story and learn about how those principles shaped the future of an entire new generation of entrepreneurs)


#1 Set a Strong Example

Shark Momma John shared just a few of her guiding principles here on this site. Being both mother and father to Daymond, Momma John knew early on that it was her responsibility to set a good example. So, she held multiple jobs. It was far from easy handling those jobs while focusing on her baby but she knew that the focus and energy would be a good example going forward for her son.


#2 Broaden Horizons

She understood this diverse world we lived in and was determined to show her son despite economic hardships. Every summer she figured a way to send him on another adventure where he could meet different kinds of people. A summer in Hawaii, teaching him to love the water and swim like a fish, another summer in Barbados, then Trinidad and more… Quite an accomplishment when the family was just getting by.


#3 Eat Well & Live Well

Nutrition was important to her long before it was fashionable. She kept her child away from fast foods and took Daymond to fine restaurants any time she could afford to. It was not only about the food. It was being in the proper venue and understanding that there was another side of life. Learn how she accomplished this while holding down 3 jobs.


#4 No Junk Information

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times replaced Newsday and the Daily News in their household. She would encourage him to read those papers with her. “If you want to be successful read what successful people read” she would explain. Just how she accomplished this with a young boy growing up in queens is another side of creatively parenting.


#5 Play With The Winners

She understood that being among the best was very important so instead of taking her son roller skating on a Queens street she commuted to Manhattan where he could see the best of the best skating. She would encourage unusual sports like horseback riding. There’s a theme here. She would recognize what the achievers were doing and encourage him to play among the winners.


#6 The Power of No Limits

She was teaching her son how to be confident. He would grow up understanding that there were no limitations. And that came from her single minded focus on giving him the tools he needed to succeed. She would instill in him a full understanding of how high he could go and at what cost.


#7 Know Thyself

When it came time to make some life decisions going forward she patiently quarried Daymond as to what he wanted in life. She understood her sons strengths and weaknesses and helped him guide himself. She would encourage him to write his thoughts down (the secret sauce and great power of the written word)


#8 Enable and Believe

Daymond had a dream. To be in business. What he needed was someone to say “Go for it!”  Rather than force his square entrepreneurial peg into the round hole of a college education Momma John encouraged him to create his first product. She patiently showed him how to sew, encouraged him to get out there and sell and never stopped believing in him. Ultimately he became Daymond John, The Shark and she became The Shark Momma John.

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Our Interaction

Online meetings are the simplest way for us to interact. Each month I will be hosting a webinar discussing many topics designed specifically to provide the skills and lessons I learned as a single mom raising my son to be as successful as he could be. Ask Questions. Get Answers.

This is a very simple way for you to learn from me, my friends and people I have come to respect as successful in terms of achieving their life goals. This is real life. Expect some surprises.

Some months I hope to have very interesting guest hosts, celebrities, successful people who will share their true life experiences with you. It’s not always easy trying to raise your own Child Shark or embarking on the road to success yourself. But these people and I have done it and so can you.

Just click on this link to start receiving full details.

Do you want to spend an hour speaking with me about your dreams for yourself or your child. Discussing your unique situation. Gaining insights into how I would suggest you optimize your unique opportunities. That’s what I do. I listen very carefully and draw upon all of my experience with the specific objective of helping you reach great heights. Some people call me a “Wisdom Sharer”. Believe me, it took a lot of time in this world and lots of experience in good and bad times to “own” that wisdom. And I DO want to share it.

You and I will decide what works best. Perhaps it’s guidance once a week or deeper involvement. Every situation is different and the best possible way to get started is for us to start communicating via email. On most of my pages I have a link to get a communication going. It will take you 10 seconds to reach out. My best advice…. do it now.

Just click on this link to get our communication going.

Intensive! It means what it says. In my section “WHAT PEOPLE SAY” you can read first hand what my intensive “Wisdom Sharing” is all about from people I am helping. These are people I have taken a special interest in and who I work with at a deeper level. I get into their goals, their objectives. How they intend to handle situations. How best to deal with special people. The best next steps in their unique journey. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a therapist. That’s for PHDs. I am a Shark Momma and I will teach you how to either be a Shark Momma yourself or help you turn your child into the success you hope for.

This is how it works. Just click on any of the links on this site. You will begin to get a series of emails explaining how I work, questionnaires allowing you to “think through” your situation. You will receive hints and advice, practical knowledge, common sense suggestions. We will begin an interaction. That interaction will, hopefully, become “one on one” where we speak and discuss your situation. And, as time moves forward we may both decide to get more deeply involved… Intensive!!! There is only one way to start.

Click on this link & get started.

What People Say About Shark Momma John

Jennyfer Royster

In the short time I have known Shark Momma John I have not only gained a fabulous mentor, I have also gained a great friend. She has always demonstrated integral values, a zest for life and a desire to give back to her community. An entrepreneur by nature, she has developed both a personal and professional reputation of trustworthiness, honesty, focus and drive to do more for others. She leads her family, friends and colleagues

Dawn M. Sole

Being friends and working with Momma John has done more for me than I can even put into words and I don't even know where to begin. I trust this woman with my life. She has such a positive outlook on life and she openly shares with me her wisdom, skills, knowledge and expertise. No matter what, I always know she has my back and has my best interests at heart. She is my protector

Patrick Cannoe

  How Momma John has effected me. I have never come across someone who has made me feel so welcome until I met Shark Momma John for the first time. She has this energy about her that is very infectious and you are lucky to be in the presence of.  I have learned a lot from watching her and it's made me a better person because of it. I don't have a lot of family


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